GUILT: Of Feeling Culpable.

The feeling of being responsible for an implied wrong isn’t a new one. There is an inner judge in all of us, AKA the conscience, and it knows no median, there is only guilt or innocence where we must either confess forgiveness or face a punishment of some sort. Call it what you may; the inner self, the inner judge, the superego, or simply the conscience, it speaks to us within ourselves, helping us to acknowledge when we violate our moral code or do something that contradicts our principles. Let’s not forget that moral conduct depends mostly if not wholely on the family background or culture. Values handed down- such a noble way to walk with two left feet, down a path we are certainly unfamiliar with. To truly understand the teachings and shortcomings of one’s conscience is to savvily say that this inner self may not necessarily be the voice of God, being that even an unbeliever in doctrines or religions has in himself a set of values, his principles which he holds in his chest as a guide to his existence. These principles may even be adoptable if not already practiced by different doctrines, and this is simply because moral conduct resonates as a universal ideal.
For if a man seeks to make things right, he does so by restitution in asking for pardon from God or man; from himself (i.e forgiving one’s self), or from the forces of his belief system. He does so with haste, in a bid to ease the tightened grip of his conscience over his workings, and if by-and-by he fails in his endeavors, or if we refuse to alter our guilty ways or restrain them with conduct, then it is safe to say that we lust after a punishment of any kind- physical or emotional. Moderation would be one way to begin such a journey, having in mind that an excess of anything quickly becomes poison to our well-being

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